Friday, September 17, 2010


hey there readers! tomorrow is my fricking birthday and i'm fricking excited and it's gonna fricking raining tonight. haha. i think. so, past few days, i had a dream about my grandma. it is extremely made me cry kind of dream. i hope u know what i mean. so sad.. i enjoyed my raya. i love it. it's so meaningful to me. i love my family. ;') urgh.. okaylah. don't have any story. bye babes. :)
xoxo, syafeenaz

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Eid Ul Fitr @ Selamat Hari Raya

When the sun has set, and day is done
I'll break this chain, but only one.

By the end of Ramadan
It's time for Eid and lots of fun!!!

Wishing u smiles and all things nice.
May this Eid bring all the comforts,
u have ever wanted,
and all the joy and laughter u have ever wished.

Its Malam Raya!

So today is the last day of fasting and Ramadhan.
Its the end of Ramadhan.
aww.that mean tmorrow is Hari Raya.
Cant wait to balik kampung tmorrow.
fyi,my kampung is at Kota Belud @ The Cowboy Town.

This afternoon,me and my family went to airport.
we are not going anywhere.
we were just want to pick my cuzzie from KL.
She arrived today.
ermm,anything else.
now currently watching Movie raya and etc.
And the best part is the one i have waiting for on Malam Raya is listening and watching the Takbir Raya.aww.seriously so touching2.hehe.
make me rmember my related that is already past away:(
but its okay.i just close my eyes.and pray for them.aminn.
so thats all for today.
gtg,want to help my mom preparing the kuih raya.
Happy Eid Ul Fitr everyone!Maaf Zahir Dan Batin!

Enjoy your day!Have fun!:)

(xoxo Nabilah)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hell yeah bebeh!
One more day to go that is tmorrow.
And after that is Raya you all.WootWoot!
Im am so freakin,fullblast excited and hppy.
Can't wait to balik kampung and meet all my cuzzies and related.
Aww,i miss all of them.
I miss the moment we talk and laugh together.
Plus,it is one of the great moment i will nver forget.

Btw,lets talk about today.
I woke up,online,shower.
And after that me and my sister went out to go saloon.
I just wanna get new hair for the hari raya.huu.
Hope my new hair is sutaible for me.
but,fyi,i think i look like so ***** with my new hair.hahaa.

Btw,Happy Eid Fitri @ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri:)
Maaf Zahir Dan Batin..
Lotsa Love.mwahmwah:)


heyy! did you guys heard the announcement?! Oh My God! aren't you excited? i don't know how excited are you. but i am so freaking EXCITED!!!!! wahhhhhhh!! i hope me and family are staying at my grandma's house tomorrow night, it's malam tabkir. and i can't wait to listen the tabkir raya. woot! okay. gotta go! toodles!

xoxo, syafeenaz

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i love yellow. so much. i love macaroni and cheese. i love my family. i love my best friends. i love my friends. i love karate. i love Nick Jonas. i love Jay Baruchel. i love Thomas Müller. i love Wolverine. i love Johnny Depp. i love spaghetti. i love my bantal busuk. i love my mom's cook. i love my eye brows. i love my hair. i love babies. i love my niece. i love moose@Adam G. Sevani. i love my money. i love my phone. i like boys who smells good. i like to smell babies smell. i like girls driving big rides. i like to do it myself. i like to watch horror, romantic, action movies. i like to learn new things. most of all. i love you!

xoxo, Syafeenaz


hey there readers. after i watched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, i was in love with Nick Jonas. ahaa. crazy right. haha. i like it when he sang a song to Dana. ngaaawwww.. so cute.. :)

i DON'T like him anymore. well, not Nick Jonas. HIM. i'm gonna moving on with my freaking bored life. ahaa well, not that bored. haha. ooh. i feel like everyone is ignoring me lately. i HATE that. even my best friend. tell me if did anything wrong! don't need to hide from me. or maybe they have their own problem i guess. whatever lah. don't know. don't care. don't bother. oh my God! i'm listening to "Introducing me by Nick Jonas" a thousand times! awwwwww.. u better go listen it! goo! watcha waiting for. :D this is the link.

cute kan? ngaawwwww..... okay nothiing else to say. bubye.

xoxo, syafeenaz

Off to bed.
Will update later on!

Goodnight,have NIGHTMARES:)
Today was fun.
Woke up,online,shower,went out.
Went out to school exactly for a study group with Sir Vinddy:)

So at school we had so much fun.
We laughed all the day long.haha.
The best part is when syfeenaz was blur for a minute and for me it was so funny.
Cant u imagine when someone asked u "is coconut a fruit"?.hahahaaaaa;)lol.
So the class was finished at about 12 pm in the afternoon.
Eventhough its fun but seriously i am so tired.
Tired of laughing all the day long.haha.

So here is one of the pcture that was taken by myfriend during the stdy group:)

This is me and my friend yuyun who is smiling.
Look how diligent i am.haha:D



i know this is lame but, who cares :'] this is the nick names i made for my friends ahaa.


that's all i guess. HAHA. lame kan? :[ i'm bored actually. sooo, what else? i miss take thousands of pictures with my friends :'( sayang oh teda bawa camera td. :(
*singing* damn! bored! okay lah. i better go now. toodles.
xoxo, syafeenaz


gonna upload some pictures. captured by MAYLEENA SHANNON LEE

with Khaireez

er. i don't know what's it called but this was given to me by Nicole. ahaa. yeah. i asked for it.

i feel awesome!

nyinggat(?) i think


howdy howdy howdy! supp guys..and gals. so our class had a kind of study group with Sir.Vinddy. we all wanna be an accountant u know. ahaa. so during the class, i was a little bit blur. i so don't know why. here some chat from me, nabilah, and sir. Vinddy.

me: nab! coconut fruits ka?!
nabilah: wha? apa kau ni?!
me: coconut fruits ka???!!
nabilah: jadi???!!!
me:*still in a confuse situation* sir! coconut fruits ka?
sir Vinddy: ko lupa mkn sahur ka ni? *laughs*
nabilah: tulah. effect matahari ba tu cigu
me: aih coconut fruits meh? bkann say... oh! hahaha!! maaf. lupa. HAHA

yeah. i know right. i was veeeerrrry darn confused. phew! ... i watched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. AWESOME! i heart Nick! he's so cool! and cute. ngawww.. ;) i like it when he wrote and sang a song for Dana.

oh! almost forgot. Raya is this week and me and my mummy just finished making kuih muih. haha. ok got nothing to say. bubye. xoxo, syafeenaz

Monday, September 6, 2010

You don’t know a single REAL thing about your boyfriend.

Hey FLIRT,I know your eyes.

Hey PLAYER,I know your games.

Hey JERK,I know your lines.

p/s:I’m a good enough person to forgive you,but not stupid enough to trust you:D


Here comes the feelings you thought you had forgotten


And not to mention the tears i shed,but i should've kicked your ass instead:)

You're not brave if you still keep the text messages.

You're not kidding yourself when you "somehow" end up in his facebook profile.

You're not getting better if you still hold onto your photos together.

You're not doing what's best for you when you stay up all night thinking about him.

You're not going to move on,if you even attempt to let go...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is Julia Sheer:)
The music she makes with Tyler Wars is just true
They're one of the true musicians

They would make a very cute couple:)
btw,8.51 p.m now.
Definitely can't wait for Raya.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

awww.. i miss this. ;') meet my bestfriend khaireez. this is khaireez that i've talking about. he's all grown up! :D

Good Things Come To Those Who Smile:D

Wake up today suddenly :( like not in mood..
Woke up pretty late today like that's the first time XD..
Staying at home lika a good girl do..
But,i am a good girl..ahha...
Today i wake up at about 9.00 a.m like usually..
Coz it is weekend no need to wake up so early..
Last night i slept at about 12.30 am..
It's late not gonna slept that late if not just bcause need to do some revision
for the upcoming exam that is PMR..
Plus,PMR is around the conner guys..
gosh!!i need to struggle to score a good result..
seriously,i am so nervous for this upcoming exam..
i should be prapared in terms of mental and spritual:)
k gtg..
bubyee..lots a love..chaww..

Friday, September 3, 2010


oh God. just finished break fasting. *brrrp* alhamdullilah.. i'm full alright! haha. i miss my friends. i know it's crazy. we just met earlier at school. i'm so emotional. wait! my tummy feels funny.. oh. i have to go to *censored*. i better go to the toilet. *long pause* okay finished with that work. going through. *a very long pause* i watched step up 3 and vampires suck ady. it was awesome! well, of course i don't watch in the cinema. i watch it online. ;-/ i love moose!! =D hey.. wait. this is the picture of JAY BARUCHEL. i love him to. he's hot!
i told you so. :D okay that's for now. i don't have anything to say no more. byebye. xoxo, syafeenaz


hey guys sorry for the late updates. we were to busy studying. ;-/ PMR is just around the corner doug! damn. i'm kinda ready. haha. KINDA ok. so.. Raya is next week. maybe friday or saturday. i am so freaking excited. gonna 'berraya' at my grandma's house. so excited. so our boy khaireez is in to the love with *can't say her name, sorry*. ahaa.. i helped him a lot. he seriously doesn't know how to mengurat girls. ahaa.. oopps.. better go now. toodles! xoxo, syafeenaz