Tuesday, September 7, 2010


howdy howdy howdy! supp guys..and gals. so our class had a kind of study group with Sir.Vinddy. we all wanna be an accountant u know. ahaa. so during the class, i was a little bit blur. i so don't know why. here some chat from me, nabilah, and sir. Vinddy.

me: nab! coconut fruits ka?!
nabilah: wha? apa kau ni?!
me: coconut fruits ka???!!
nabilah: jadi???!!!
me:*still in a confuse situation* sir! coconut fruits ka?
sir Vinddy: ko lupa mkn sahur ka ni? *laughs*
nabilah: tulah. effect matahari ba tu cigu
me: aih coconut fruits meh? bkann say... oh! hahaha!! maaf. lupa. HAHA

yeah. i know right. i was veeeerrrry darn confused. phew! ... i watched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. AWESOME! i heart Nick! he's so cool! and cute. ngawww.. ;) i like it when he wrote and sang a song for Dana.

oh! almost forgot. Raya is this week and me and my mummy just finished making kuih muih. haha. ok got nothing to say. bubye. xoxo, syafeenaz

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