Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i love the way you look at me(:

so.. hey. i just got back from school. pheww! m so freaking tired. we got back late cause we got this late class and study group. so.... before the 'late class' i saw *censored* looked at me. then, i looked at him and waved at him. oh my God! so cute.. woah! stop talking bout him. it's private. ngaha. *boah. bgs klu ada org mau tgk* fuuuuu

actually.. we cancelled our study group b'cuz we are so freaking lazy to study. so the next study group is on thursday. next time we'll be more enthusiastic(?) i dnt knw what the f i'm talking about. HAHA. okay.. my story for today ends here okay. good bye. xoxo love, syafeenaz

Saturday, August 14, 2010

under construction

hey there! this is me, syafeenaz. this blog is kinda under construction. :D so any advice how to make our blog more awesome? comment us. ;-/

3 girls,3 stories:)

Hello people,
Nabilah here!
All i can say is,
it was a BITTERSWEET day.
This is our blogspot (fiffy,amoon,nblah).

woke up suddenly :( like not in the mood.
Felt so lazy to wake up.!
Morning:Doing nothing but watching tv.
Evening:Like usually turn on the cmpter and facebook-ing
and tumblr-ing until about 30 minutes bfore sungkai then i stop.
btw,im felling homesick.
but no worriess,tmorrow im going to blik kmpung.
cant wait to meet my family members expecially my cuzzies.
okay thats all for today.
kbye gonna do my homeworks


emmm. yeah. BORED is the word. yeah, basically idk wat im talking about. im bored.obviously. ................long pause..... ok this is awkward. haha. i miss my friends. idk. every weekends i miss them i miss all the fun that we hve been through all the weekdays. jeez.. oh yeah. one thing! khaireez is in to the love with a teenage girl which is a very big deal for us. he always talks about this cool girl ahaa. aww.. our baby boy is all grown up. ;) ok. tht it. gtg. gubye. -FIESTEIN-

im sherstein!

so...its officially mine as well..i mean this blog..i share it wth the greatest person ever...my best of friend. i dnt hve too tell u whos she. haha. so... i would like to tell u my name 1st...OMG! im so boring! i knw... shermaine JULANG james...uh-hu. ive jus turned 15. YIPPI. im no one to u guys. im evrything to me. haha. for sure. im a lefthanded person. akay? haha. soo...ltr dudes.. xoxo


wow.. its been so long that i haven't update my blog. yerr.. my friend amy, she asked me to updated it. lazy lazy lazy.. but since i was bored.. ok. no probs.. it's fasting month. and i am so hungry. my stomach can't stop singing and vibrating! uhh! so nothing to do except study for PMR. :O i haven't prepared yet. oh how am i gonna do this thing. uhhuuu.. oh.oh! i have to go now. the lady is calling my name since yesterday. =.= bye then!