Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i love the way you look at me(:

so.. hey. i just got back from school. pheww! m so freaking tired. we got back late cause we got this late class and study group. so.... before the 'late class' i saw *censored* looked at me. then, i looked at him and waved at him. oh my God! so cute.. woah! stop talking bout him. it's private. ngaha. *boah. bgs klu ada org mau tgk* fuuuuu

actually.. we cancelled our study group b'cuz we are so freaking lazy to study. so the next study group is on thursday. next time we'll be more enthusiastic(?) i dnt knw what the f i'm talking about. HAHA. okay.. my story for today ends here okay. good bye. xoxo love, syafeenaz

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