Monday, November 15, 2010

i. love. my. best friend.

hey there. i love my best friends. yes i love them. nothing is more precious than my best friends. they always been there for me. yep. but one of them.. hmphh.. i don't trust her no more.. it hurts. only eliora understands me.
i sayang her. and i know she will never betray me. she will never hurt my feelings. :) i'm so darn emotional right no because of the best friends issues. lol. okay la. gtg. ttfn

love, Syafeenaz

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Class of 2010 (3.1)

hey there. so, tomorrow is the last day of school. i'm gonna go crazy with ma friends tomorrow. orang dusun bilang 'kogutan'. is it? ahaa. yeahh.. i will miss them. yes.. i'll miss the ups and downs. aww.. i just can't believe this. haizz.. :'( here are some pictures. the memories that never fading. the memories that always will cheer me up.

yep, this is us. half. of us. from your left; sella, ersie, judith V., eliora, syafeenaz(me), hilary.

this is the time that we go crazy together. aww.. peace yall
eliora and me
from left; judith v., eliora, jean, samantha

love, syafeenaz

p/s: sorry if there's any vocab errors. :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

best friends

i love my best friend! they are the best friends i've ever had. i love them so much! i heart more than anything. well, family comes first lah. heee.. i have this picture that i copied and cropped from my friend's quote.

this is very meaningful to me. *tears start falling to my cheek* awwwwww... i miss them. i will never forget the joy and laughter that we have created together from the beginning we met. ;') i love them!

love, Syafeenaz

Friday, October 22, 2010


hey, i miss my friends. ahhaa.. crazeyy.. ok.. yesterday, we have a badminton competition. our class send two teams. which is myself and Eliora, Yuyun and Jean. we won. of course. haha. and today was the 2nd round we played. but i din't play cause of my knee. :'( and some other reasons. ahaa~ we lose to Ain and Eva. they have a good strategy you know. so hard to fight them.. never mind lah.. practise makes perfect. right? Oh my God. sorry for the vocab errors. i malas bah this. but i wanna share to you. aww. oh! and we send two teams for boys too. khaireez and presley. thurston and niko. well, khaireez ad presley lose at the 1st round. ahaa~ kami lagi hebat kan.. thurston and niko through to final. and yes they lose to lawrie and his partner. champin bah him. oh oh! almost forgot. we won basketball and netball. what a surprise. we never played netball. ever. haha. ok so that's for now. bye guys. thanks for reading. and sorry for the vocab errors. okay. D;

love, Syafeenaz.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


hey there. we just finished our PMR exam. like a week ago. what a relief! but I'm still nervous/scared because I don't know what my result would be D; so this pass few days, we have some activities after PMR. I have so much fun with my friends. I'm gonna miss them. :'( okay that's for now. sorry for the short post. I don't know what else is in my mind :D tootles. xoxo.

Love, Syafeenaz