Friday, October 22, 2010


hey, i miss my friends. ahhaa.. crazeyy.. ok.. yesterday, we have a badminton competition. our class send two teams. which is myself and Eliora, Yuyun and Jean. we won. of course. haha. and today was the 2nd round we played. but i din't play cause of my knee. :'( and some other reasons. ahaa~ we lose to Ain and Eva. they have a good strategy you know. so hard to fight them.. never mind lah.. practise makes perfect. right? Oh my God. sorry for the vocab errors. i malas bah this. but i wanna share to you. aww. oh! and we send two teams for boys too. khaireez and presley. thurston and niko. well, khaireez ad presley lose at the 1st round. ahaa~ kami lagi hebat kan.. thurston and niko through to final. and yes they lose to lawrie and his partner. champin bah him. oh oh! almost forgot. we won basketball and netball. what a surprise. we never played netball. ever. haha. ok so that's for now. bye guys. thanks for reading. and sorry for the vocab errors. okay. D;

love, Syafeenaz.

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