Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Class of 2010 (3.1)

hey there. so, tomorrow is the last day of school. i'm gonna go crazy with ma friends tomorrow. orang dusun bilang 'kogutan'. is it? ahaa. yeahh.. i will miss them. yes.. i'll miss the ups and downs. aww.. i just can't believe this. haizz.. :'( here are some pictures. the memories that never fading. the memories that always will cheer me up.

yep, this is us. half. of us. from your left; sella, ersie, judith V., eliora, syafeenaz(me), hilary.

this is the time that we go crazy together. aww.. peace yall
eliora and me
from left; judith v., eliora, jean, samantha

love, syafeenaz

p/s: sorry if there's any vocab errors. :D

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