Tuesday, September 7, 2010


hey there readers. after i watched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, i was in love with Nick Jonas. ahaa. crazy right. haha. i like it when he sang a song to Dana. ngaaawwww.. so cute.. :)

i DON'T like him anymore. well, not Nick Jonas. HIM. i'm gonna moving on with my freaking bored life. ahaa well, not that bored. haha. ooh. i feel like everyone is ignoring me lately. i HATE that. even my best friend. tell me if did anything wrong! don't need to hide from me. or maybe they have their own problem i guess. whatever lah. don't know. don't care. don't bother. oh my God! i'm listening to "Introducing me by Nick Jonas" a thousand times! awwwwww.. u better go listen it! goo! watcha waiting for. :D this is the link.

cute kan? ngaawwwww..... okay nothiing else to say. bubye.

xoxo, syafeenaz

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