Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i love yellow. so much. i love macaroni and cheese. i love my family. i love my best friends. i love my friends. i love karate. i love Nick Jonas. i love Jay Baruchel. i love Thomas Müller. i love Wolverine. i love Johnny Depp. i love spaghetti. i love my bantal busuk. i love my mom's cook. i love my eye brows. i love my hair. i love babies. i love my niece. i love moose@Adam G. Sevani. i love my money. i love my phone. i like boys who smells good. i like to smell babies smell. i like girls driving big rides. i like to do it myself. i like to watch horror, romantic, action movies. i like to learn new things. most of all. i love you!

xoxo, Syafeenaz

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