Friday, September 3, 2010


oh God. just finished break fasting. *brrrp* alhamdullilah.. i'm full alright! haha. i miss my friends. i know it's crazy. we just met earlier at school. i'm so emotional. wait! my tummy feels funny.. oh. i have to go to *censored*. i better go to the toilet. *long pause* okay finished with that work. going through. *a very long pause* i watched step up 3 and vampires suck ady. it was awesome! well, of course i don't watch in the cinema. i watch it online. ;-/ i love moose!! =D hey.. wait. this is the picture of JAY BARUCHEL. i love him to. he's hot!
i told you so. :D okay that's for now. i don't have anything to say no more. byebye. xoxo, syafeenaz

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