Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today was fun.
Woke up,online,shower,went out.
Went out to school exactly for a study group with Sir Vinddy:)

So at school we had so much fun.
We laughed all the day long.haha.
The best part is when syfeenaz was blur for a minute and for me it was so funny.
Cant u imagine when someone asked u "is coconut a fruit"?.hahahaaaaa;)lol.
So the class was finished at about 12 pm in the afternoon.
Eventhough its fun but seriously i am so tired.
Tired of laughing all the day long.haha.

So here is one of the pcture that was taken by myfriend during the stdy group:)

This is me and my friend yuyun who is smiling.
Look how diligent i am.haha:D


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