Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About The Owner

holla! wuddup? haha! as u can see..i'm the owner..duh..(: sorry for the bad name is NURUL SYAFEENAZ ISKHANDAR..GET IT RITE! but u can call me SYAFEENAZ..i repeat SYAFEENAZ..or call me whatever u want,as long as it sounds good and AWESOME!! i LOVE the word 'AWESOME'! i get it from my friend Elizabeth Audrey Lajawai a.k.a Bebeth(: she is AWESOME!! awesome-core:D i LOVE so much so much(: but my mummy said that the colour yellow is only for cowards,but i think it is nice and signify my personality that is 'Happy-go-lucky'(: i'm 15 years YOUNG..yes i'm young,active,mysterious,attractive:P,adventurous,ambitious,awkward,weird..i LOVE KARATE so much..well,not so much(: i hate it sometimes is TIRING!! God!! uu.. i can't make up my mind! its a love hate relationship..but sometimes i want to kill myself for doing this thing..but,if i wont do it,my mummy,my bapa start to annoys me with their sayings like "bha,tia paya lah beli dia Converse" and i was like what the! haha!well they are my parents though..i shouldn't complaining..they know whats the best for me(:so,this year i'm gonna do my BIG BIG exam! that is PMR!!! Oh MA GOD! i'm not ready yet..huhu..oh what the hell,i just NEED to study..that's all(: c'mon Fifi u can do this! simple as as a pie.. i know u can..i like to eat MEE GORENG,or anything as long as its NOODLE!! i LOVE noodle so much..SO MUCH!! well,enough about me,lets go to the best friends part! i LOVE my best friends.. si Shermaine Julang James..she doesn't like her 2nd name..JULANG..i don't know why..i LOVE's awesome..u know..i ask her to do blog and Tumblr,but she doesn't want..she said that,her English is bad..i told her.."so what,its ur word!" shes afraid that she'll got judged by i don't know who D;okay..enough about shermaine..lets go through to Nabilah Perman! she is my shoulder to cry on..i LOVE her..she give support when i'm down..well,i'm a happy-go-lucky person as i told you.. i've never felt so sad till lame..haha! next is Sarah Farina Joney.. SHE IS AWESOME!! HAHA!! I always make jokes with her,have fun with her..Oh God..shes just AWESOME!! we call her 'hantu'..haha..because of her walks,.. oh my god! PUNYA LURUS!! haha! i bet u will laugh when u see her her ex-boyf..hahaha! theres go Sarah..and know onto Md.Khaireez Wan Abd. Aziz..he is like a brother to me..sometimes he annoys me with his annoying word 'SUMPAH! bukan saya!' uhh!! he annoys me a lot!! damn! me and Shermaine called him 'Bugis' haha! his hair is just like one! curly hair...:D lotsa curly hair(: next is Jean Cynthia..she is smart! she is funny,gorgeous,awesome,one of a kind! :D i LOVE them!!

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